Aloe Vera Properties - Health & Aloe
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Properties of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera mainly is renowned for the following properties: Moisturising, Epithelial Regenerating, Skin regenerating, Healing, Astringent, Anti-inflammatory, Purifying and Immune system restoration.

Aloe Vera, a timeless plant.

Aloe Vera is a lilaceous plant. Its composition has been found to contain more than 250 active elements, including amino acids, minerals, proteins and vitamins, and its benefits to the health are many and widely acknowledged. Aloe Vera has uncountable applications, its being used in the medical, food and cosmetics industries. Aloe Vera has many beneficial qualities, its astonishing regenerating effect on burnt skin heading the list.
The application of a layer of Aloe Vera on recently-burnt skin produces immediate relief and, in most cases, prevent blistering. Many modern hospital burn units have in fact started to use Aloe as part of basic treatment.

It has been demonstrated that a deep burn treated with Aloe Vera evolves into a minor second- degree burn with hardly any scarring within 48 hours thanks to fast tissue regeneration.

The ten commonest applications of Aloe Vera in natural medicine are: burns, cuts and wounds, hair and scalp care, hemorrhoids and varicose veins, psoriasis, rashes and skin blemishes, insect bites, muscular aches and pains, digestive problems, arthritis, sinusitis and asthma.


Dietary complements and cosmetic products.

Consumer trend is moving towards an active search for products reinforced with ingredients that provide internal and external benefits and that do not contain other harmful ingredients. NATURLOCK ALOE VERA products contain ingredients consumers are familiar with and the product’s guaranteed effectiveness provides optimum benefits.

Aloe Vera processed with the NATURLOCK ALOE VERA patented system used in all HEALTH & ALOE products and the high percentage in its formulas, guarantee the best results for treating skin and hair, improving their appearance and health.


Aloe Vera external applications


Aloe Vera is mainly known for its calming and healing effects on burns and other wounds. Studies show that NATURLOCK ALOE VERA applied to wounds increases the healing speed and tensile strength of the wound via cell proliferation. NATURLOCK ALOE VERA accelerates the healing process of burns, stimulates the growth of healthy skin cells and limits scar tissue production.


NATURLOCK ALOE VERA promotes a variety of anti-inflammatory responses in the body, reducing swelling caused by wounds and facilitating the recovery of infections. Such anti-inflammatory responses not only relieve pain and discomfort, but also enhance the overall wound healing process. Its astringency, which helps to clean the surface of the skin and decongest the pores, is ideal for oily and pro-acne skin.


Skin exposed to solar radiation, contamination and other factors is damaged in the short and long term and this may lead to the appearance of skin diseases. It is a direct attack on the immune system.

Aloe Vera internal applications


Drinking Aloe Vera juice to relieve gastrointestinal problems is one of the oldest known uses of the plant and even today, people continue to drink the juice to relieve ulcers, gastrointestinal and kidney problems.
Consumers have described improved regularity in bowel movement, bowel comfort and improved energy levels after drinking NATURLOCK ALOE VERA juice. Many of those who have suffered indigestion, irritable bowel and increased stomach acid have confirmed relief after drinking Aloe Vera juice.


NATURLOCK ALOE VERA prevents the formation of substances responsible for rheumatic and arthritic processes. The acetylsalicylic acid in Aloe Vera contributes to reducing inflammation and pain.
Due to its strong penetration capacity, NATURLOCK ALOE VERA is considered to reduce muscle and joint pain associated with arthritis, as well as pain caused by tendonitis and injury. When applied directly to the pain area, Aloe Vera penetrates the skin to soothe pain. Studies have also shown that drinking NATURLOCK ALOE VERA daily can help prevent arthritis

Scientific research has proven that NATURLOCK ALOE VERA, thanks to its high content in long and very long chain polysaccharides (ACEMANNAN, identical to the one found in nature) supports, restores and improves the skin’s immune system and minimises its suppression. Regular application helps to maintain healthy skin.
NATURLOCK ALOE VERA can be applied topically up to 24 hours after exposure to ultraviolet light to maintain the immune system’s restorative effect.


La investigación científica ha probado que el ALOE VERA NATURLOCK, gracias a su alto contenido en polisacáridos de cadena larga y muy larga (ACEMANNAN, idéntico al encontrado en la naturaleza) sustenta, restaura y mejora el sistema inmunológico de la piel y minimiza su supresión. Una aplicación regular ayuda a mantener una piel sana.
La aplicación tópica de ALOE VERA NATURLOCK puede ser realizada hasta 24 horas después de la exposición a luz ultravioleta manteniéndose el efecto de restauración del sistema inmunológico.


Skin aging is characterised by the thinness and appearance of wrinkles in the epidermis, combined with the appearance of lines, folds, spots and wrinkles on the face. NATURLOCK ALOE VERA accelerates the formation of fibroblast cells responsible for forming collagen, as well as the synthesis of elastin, attenuating existing wrinkles and reducing the appearance of new ones. It also penetrates the deeper layers of the skin to provide nutrients, vitamins and water, and thanks to its antioxidant power, combats the effects of free radicals, delaying aging and the effects of time on the skin.


One of the main reasons that Aloe Vera has become so popular with consumers is because of its incredible moisturising properties. Studies show that NATURLOCK ALOE VERA improves the skin’s ability to self-hydrate, helps to eliminate dead cells and is effective in terms of penetration, driving the active ingredients that accompany it in the formulas to deeper layers of the skin. Each and every one of these factors makes NATURLOCK ALOE VERA an ideal ingredient in cosmetics and dermatological products. In fact, Aloe Vera is currently one of the most important ingredients in the cosmetics industry, being used in more than 95% of dermatologically valued extracts, manufactured all over the world.